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 Season Finishing Party and the game before 
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Beitrag Season Finishing Party and the game before
Just a short briefing of the day:
first of all it was a game where no team had anything to lose or to win... KFC Uerdingen doesn't get a licence for the next season and St. Pauli.....???? So the score was 2-2 on a day where noone expected something from the players (about 33°C in the shadow.... don't know how hot it was in the sun... really hot) but they made there best, I think. KFC got in front in minute 5 by Cannizzaro (don't know why) but St. Pauli wasn't shocked and they equalized in minute 19 by Jeton Arifi. By the way... a player from St. Pauli (and one of us) commented the game today.... it was Benny Adrion (Thanx for it). But then minute 22.... a player from St. Pauli laid on the ground but the referee hasn't seen anything (as the whole game) and Uerdingen makes there second goal (again Cannizzaro). I shorten the report know a little bit because till the second half there was not much to comment on (to the people who where there: please correct me or add something). In minute 57 it was Ralph Gunesch making the final score. So after that there was only I think one real highlight in the game.... Robert Palikuca gets off the game for..... ANDRE TRULSEN (football-good himself from St. Pauli.... normally second coach from the team but has a licence (to kill) and to play for the team and it was his birthday yesterday (40 years)). So from now on every ballcontact from "Truller" was celebrated and we hoped for him that he will score but....... no.

After the game there was the "Season-Finishing-Party" where some bands were playing and players and fans had a real good time I think. You will not beleave..... I think from all the people wearing some "team-shirts" there were about 2 or maybe 3 out of 5 wearing celtic shirts (OK me too :-) )

P.S. Congratulations for the FA-Cup...... (I don't want to talk about the championship...... sh...) We also won the cup on last wednesday..... just the Oddset-Cup (small regional-cup) but it's worth about 100.000 to 500.000 Euro (for TV) to be part of round one in our "FA" called DFB-Cup. You remember....? SING...... When we really shake them up.... when we win the Oddset-Cup.... cause St. Pauli is the greatest football team.....

So that's it for today. Hope you excuse my english and you could read everything. See you and good night.....

Sonntag 29. Mai 2005, 02:34
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